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iOS development

We love Apple products, but we love to developing apps even more! By using strictly native development methods, we are able to achieve high productivity, reliability and project quality. Are you ready to submit a breakthrough to the App Store? If so, we're ready to help!

Android development

By following Google's instructions, it's possible to invent an average Android app, but to make something excellent you need a combination of creativity, experience and hardwork, which we have! Do you want to create a globally used app with us?

Web development

High load servers? An admin panel for your apps? A landing page for your business? Pfft, leave it to us.


You won't walk from us with a shoddy design, so don't even try! Seriously, you don't want to see last guy who attempted it! But don't worry, no customers were hurt in the making of this service:)


Why you have to choose us as the contractor for your project? The principles of our approach to work will give the answer.

true price

True price

The prices are not taken from air, each cent in project cost is strictly reasoned by tasks, hourly rates, term and complexity.

quality product

Quality product

Our main task is the creation of a reliable product that will work quickly and safely. This result can only be achieved by a team with extensive experience and we have such a team.



The best guarantee is financial. If through our fault, the project has ceased to function properly, we will compensate each dollar lost by you.


Technical support

Lifetime support of the finished project, at any stage of its existence. We quickly react to any changes, failures and in the shortest possible time eliminate them.

Shindig - mobile app

Shindig App

DearMe - mobile app


Lock2Talk - mobile app


EventNY - mobile app


StyleClub - mobile app


VisualPlanner - mobile app

Visual Planner

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GBEnergy - mobile app


CardMaster - mobile app