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Mobile app - Tracker
Mobile application Tracker
Mobile application Tracker
Mobile application Tracker

Run have never been so fun and exciting. Everything becomes better if you add a game moment, give useful information and make it in a beautiful design. We did it!

Function Description
Authorization In addition to the classic registration with the help of an email and password, we added the ability to quickly log in through social networks: Facebook, Twitter and VK.
Profile A personal profile will tell all about you. How many kilometers did you run for the entire time you used the application, the number of calories lost, the last race, friends and the complete history of each of the races with the route on the map.
Jogging On the main screen of the workout there is everything you need, the distance traveled, the number of steps and calories burned, the map with the route and even the routes of the "Neighbors", maybe someone ran alongside.
Tasks Plan your jogs for weeks ahead, fill for all the necessary information in advance: the start and finish point of the jog, the time when you want to do it and of course include a reminder to remember about it.
Friends Tracker application is not just a fitness trainer, but also a social network where you can find the same athletes like you, share morning jogs with them and of course add to friends.
Challenges Have you run 20 kilometers on winding mountain roads? It's time to send a challenge to your friend and see if he can fulfill it. You choose the time allotted for the performance of the challenge and will only be watched.
Settings We took a number of important settings to the appropriate screen, so that the user had the opportunity to somehow influence what is happening inside the application. Here you can find GPS, network and privacy settings.
Mobile application Tracker
Main technologies

In the production of the Tracker project, we used only modern technologies, development methods and a little bit of magic. Here are some of them:

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