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Mobile app - Lock2Talk
Mobile application Lock2Talk
Mobile application Lock2Talk
Mobile application Lock2Talk

When it comes to communication between people, it's hard to overestimate the usability and functionality of the application, so we did not overestimate it, just made a cool product.

Function Description
Simple registration What can be more difficult than remembering dozens of passwords from hundreds of different services? - Nothing! It is for this reason that we decided to make registration by using a mobile phone number and password from SMS.
Chats The maximum simple and concise interface of the chat list and specific correspondence allows you not to be distracted by unnecessary things and concentrate on communication.
Audio messages Write a message is not always convenient, it's easier to send a small audio message and continue to deal with important matters. Fast and convenient.
Calls Among the advantages of Lock2Talk is the opportunity to communicate via calls, which also work perfectly in conditions of poor cellular communication. And most importantly, it's free!
Radio In my childhood, everyone dreamed of a walkie-talkie, so we just implemented such a function in the Lock2Talk application. Push and talk, known to everyone scheme.
Statuses When you are very busy, your colleagues bother you with hundreds of messages every minute, it's enough to change the status to "Busy", and notifications will not appear.
Security In this application, we have implemented p2p encryption technologies, no one, even the Lord himself, will be able to access messages and other information.
Contacts In application has implemented a powerful search based on the name or phone number. And quick access to contacts from the bottom menu will speed up access to the right person.
Mobile application Lock2Talk
Main technologies

In the production of the Lock2Talk project, we used only modern technologies, development methods and a little bit of magic. Here are some of them:

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