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Mobile application GBEnergy
Mobile application GBEnergy
Mobile application GBEnergy

In the modern world, the convenience and simplicity of processes are an integral part of any complex and large-scale system. GBEnergy simplifies the flow of data on gas and electricity meters, helps to not forget about it, pay for services directly in the application and view the history of all actions.

Function Description
Authorization Classical authorization with the help of an email and password will reliably protect the user's account and save all the data intact.
Submitting Meter Reading The most simple and informative reporting of meters with information about the serial number of the meter, the latest readings and the date of submission of the latest indications. In just a couple of tapes on the screen, the information will be sent.
History All payments are safely stored in the history. The amount, the payment period, all this is conveniently sorted on a separate screen with the possibility of uploading the document to the device.
Billing Payment is made directly from the application, quickly and conveniently. The application will calculate the amount of the payment.
Profile The profile stores all the necessary information about the user: the name, address, mail, numbers and date of the next payment.
Support User support is implemented as conveniently as possible. Communication is possible both in online chat, and with a call or a contact form with pre-installed themes. There are also training videos with the support section.
Mobile application GBEnergy
Main technologies

In the production of the CardMaster project, we used only modern technologies, development methods and a little bit of magic. Here are some of them:

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