Our team skills

We create mobile client-server solutions of any complexity, from prototypes to publications in the App Store and Google Play.

Experience of specialists from 3 years. Work with Git (GitHub, Bitbucket), parallel work on projects, testing, application of extreme programming techniques, urgent projects, post-support.

iOS development

Languages: Swift, Objecvive-C, C/C++
IDE: XCode
Platforms: iOS, watchOS, tvOS

Technologies and solutions:
UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, App extensions (today, push content, share, keyboard, document provider, Siri), 
Notification Center, push-notification, auto-layout, IB, custom view controller presentation and coordination, 
network extensions, vpn, URLSession, Alamofire, ObjectMapper, MVC, SpriteKit, ARKit,
CoreLocation, Work with contacts of the address book, VoIP, Messages, Safari Extensions, 
Photos (work with the gallery), QuartzCore, CoreData, SQLite, in app purchases, 
Animations, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Firebase.

Android development

Languages: Java, Kotlin
IDE: Android Studio
Platforms: Android, Wear, TV, Tizen (Samsung Gear S dev)

Technologies and solutions:
Java Core, Knowing Android SDK at a high level,
Gradle, Dagger 2 (Together with Butter Knife etc.), REST-clients (EasyNetwork - our workflow or Retrofit), 
JSON, XML, EventBus, AppCompat, Canvas, Google Vision,
Firebase, Google Services, DB (SQLite native и ORM), In-App Billing, NDK,
AndroidAnnotations, Fresco, integrations social SDK (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, VK),
work with payment systems, View и Property animation, transition.

Web development

We are ready to implement a backend for an application of any complexity with scalability (shading and replication), panels management, secure storage of data, SSL settings, any business-processes and integrations with other APIs.

Using for that:
PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, Yii2, Sphinx, Cron, Docker, PUSH-notifications (GCM и APNS), 
HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and much more.


Our designers are able to design a unique mobile design Apple and Google standards. We know the concepts of Material Design, use popular solutions and custom widgets. We work in Sketch or Figma.

Prototyping, coloring, logo design and icons applications, presentations, site, 
cutting resources, iconography, effects, preparing graphics for Appstore and Google Play stores
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