A ticket aggregator with social networking and online store capabilities.

Mobile app - Shindig
Mobile application Shindig
Mobile application Shindig
Mobile application Shindig

Aggregator tickets for events for true fans, combined the capabilities of the social network, the store and most importantly - a powerful and intuitive application, through which you can buy tickets for thousands of different concerts, sports events and much more.

Function Description
Events The application will independently find an event for you nearby, and if there are no such events nearby, it will offer options in the nearest cities. You just need to look through the tape of events and be sure to find something to your liking.
Search A powerful and functional search for events and goods, will help you find everything your heart desires. We provided it with an arsenal of filters and hidden learning opportunities.
Goods Urgently need a shirt with the emblem of your favorite band? Directly in the application, you can find it among thousands of offers and pick it up at an event or order a delivery home, paying for everything right there.
Purchase of tickets The main advantage of Shindig is the ability to search and buy tickets. We receive information from the most relevant sources and provide users with comprehensive information about the event. On the event page, you can see the news, see the description and similar activities. And the most important thing is to buy and pay for the ticket right in the application.
Chats Each event is an open platform for communicating with like-minded people, where you can find useful information and discuss important moments with the same fans as you.
Own Activities Pre-party and after-party, perhaps, one of the most favorite things for fans of concerts and other events. Now you can organize your own party right in the app and call all friends.
Profile We did not just another ticket aggregator, we made a social network that unites thousands of people with similar interests. It is for this reason that each user has a personal profile with the most important and useful information.
Friends Find hundreds and thousands of like-minded people in one place, invite friends and go with them to your favorite events, and do not forget to add them to your friends in order not to lose contact.
Mobile application Shindig
Main technologies

In the production of the Shindig project, we used only modern technologies, development methods and a little bit of magic. Here are some of them:

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