All conferences of New York in your pocket.

Mobile app - EventNY
Mobile application EventNY
Mobile application EventNY
Mobile application EventNY

When it comes to conferences and other interesting events, their search turns into a real routine. The EventNY application is designed to solve the problem of finding conferences and events, giving at the same time exhaustive information about them.

Function Description
Simple registration No emails and passwords, registration and login at the click of a button. We implement authorization through social networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.
Search conferences Search is convenient, but even more convenient when we found for you. We filtered out conferences on past and future parameters, you will find only the most current information.
Conference page So much information about the event you have not found anywhere else. In addition to the general description, photos and address, we have added information about speakers, as well as presentation documents that can be downloaded directly to the device. The event can be added to your favorites. On the event page, a schedule is also available, which you can adjust for yourself and plan conference individually.
Purchase a ticket We managed to realize the purchase only in one version ... The variant of two taps on the screen. Simply, just click "Buy ticket" and enter payment information. The ticket is already in the application.
Your questions No one such application provides such opportunities, you can ask a question to the speaker, before the conference, directly from the application. He will necessarily answer it during the event.
Restaurants and information about the city We appreciate the time when you will use our application, that's why we added not only brief information about the city of New York, but also further, institutions, useful information about them, including description, photos, prices, availability of WiFi etc . We have our own little Foursquare here without leaving the application.
Mobile application EventNY
Main technologies

In the production of the EventNY project, we used only modern technologies, development methods and a little bit of magic. Here are some of them:

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